We had the opportunity to spend some time with a few of our customers, who kindly shared a bit on themselves and also what they think of Mastra Ma’ shoes. It was an incredible pleasure to talk to them. They all pursue their ambitious dreams with passion, perseverance and hard work. They are innovative, resourceful, strong, kind and compassionate and we are very proud that they are part of the Mastra Ma’s community!

Valentina Pennazio

Valentina is an eclectic interior designer, founder of valentina interiors and busy mum of 4 boys: two teenagers and two baby twins.

As a young graduate she started her career in Investment Banking, but after 10 years she left the finance world to follow her creative drive and passion for architecture and built environments. Upon graduating in Interior Design at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, she founded her own business in 2012 and has been running successful projects all over London and Italy ever since, including a big building construction and design in the Italian Alps.

Valentina’s style is elegant, influenced by her Italian background, but also practical as she likes to organize the space around her clients’ needs.  She particularly enjoys working with families, being able to easily relate with the requirements of living with kids. She always injects colours and patterns in her designs to lift up her schemes.  Valentina’s biggest professional satisfaction is seeing her clients happy with their refurbished homes. You can find out more about Valentina’s stunning work on her official website at Valentina Interiors and Designful Interiors or on Instagram @valentinainteriors and @designfulinteriors.

Valentina’s  testimony. “The look proposed by Mastra Ma’ is unique and I think everyone finds her matching shoe. For me it was the Rosalba because I am constantly running between client meetings, walking with the babies and driving for the school runs so I need a shoe that is comfortable but also very stylish. The shoes feel as they were designed around my feet and the leather is extremely soft.  The details of the red hearth and the black and white checked pattern is such an original design and it will add an elegant touch to any outfit.”

Aija B.

Aija works in marketing communications in the medical field. After her first years in PR back in Latvia, Aija moved to London.

In London Aija started an exciting career at Edelman, working on rare diseases with some of the major pharmaceutical companies. Now, 10 years later, she has successfully launched her private consultancy.

Aija loves collecting life experiences, be it a millinery course, falconry in the countryside, paddle boarding over a sunken village in Estonia, popping to Barcelona for a weekend with childhood friends or going for a nice walk on the beach with her family. Being with people you care about is all that matters. If you want to know more about Aija you can reach her on LinkedIn.

Aija’s testimony. “Firstly, I was impressed by the wide choice of smart shoe designs with a modern twist, as I’m always looking for an individual touch to things I wear. Being super comfortable was another major selling point, as I’ve grown to feel good in my own skin and no longer need seven-inch heels to boost my confidence. But most importantly it’s the high quality of the shoes. The website states that they are produced by experienced family-run factories in Italy and the fine craftsmanship really comes through. You just can’t go wrong with them, can you?”

Gold Lotus Flower

Anne-Françoise Gavanon

Anne-Françoise is an art dealer and independent art historian specialised in modern art and Pablo Picasso in particular.

She is also a member of the IFPDA board of directors (International Fine Print Dealers Association) and supports AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions) a French non-profit organization specialist in the history of women artists.

Anne-Françoise lives in London and when she is not at work you may likely find her at a museum, sharing her passion for art with her lovely son, or discussing with a good friend about family, love, politics and the greater goods in life (and how to achieve them)… and in fairness to her deepest French spirit, the latter will most likely happen in front of a good meal and a glass of wine!

Anne-Françoise is a strong advocate for women empowerment and racial, gender, LGBTQ equality. You may find more about Anne-Francoise in our blog, where she shared her views on career change and gender equality in the work space. You may also reach her on Instagram at @afgavanon.

Anne-Françoise’s testimony. “I absolutely love my Mastra Ma’ shoes.  They are very versatile and easy to wear with any of my clothes, but the chequered diamond pattern on the front make them stand out, and the tiny silver and gold studs bring sparkles. And then, there is the little, tiny red heart, barely visible – like a secret message.  I like to pair my Gaia with a black trouser, a white t-shirt, a pink jacket and a big red ring to complement the innocuous red heart. Overall, I think it is finally great to find a brand that fits the need of female professionals working as solicitors, bankers and directors, etc.  We all want to look our best but I have had trouble identifying shoes that are comfortable and classically designed with a twist, which Mastra Ma’ offers! I am also particularly attracted to the sustainable angle and to contributing to reduce over-consumption; I prefer buying a lower number of pair of shoes but of a much higher quality and which last. I plan to buy one or two more pairs from Mastra Ma’”

Elisa Pedrana

Diana black ankle strap high heels with studs, platform, anti-slip sole, memory foam padding and cuoio leather heels. Styled with jeans and leather jacket.

Elisa is an investment banker, specialised in Risk Management, in one of the world’s leading institutions and busy mum of three adorable, active children.

She graduated in Finance at Bocconi University in Italy, and she started her banking career in Milan. She then relocated to London with her husband, where she now enjoys the hectic lifestyle of a full-time working mum and buzz of a large multicultural city.

She is super passionate about travelling around the world with her young family and spending time outdoors. She is a keen skier, having grown up in a small village in the Italian Alps.  Elisa is also a fashion lover and due to her demanding schedule, she always combines style and quality with comfort and practicality.

Elisa’s testimony. “For me it was love at first sight. The design is unique and the quality of the material is outstanding, second to none of the top Italian brands I have always been a big fan of. My match was Gaia, because I found in it the perfect combination between style and comfort, which I proudly wear in different occasions, from the school run to work meetings. Gaia are a gem that add some sparkle to a formal outfit or perfectly complement a more casual one. I wish I had a pair in every colour!’

Gold Lotus Flower
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